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Liturgical Resources for use during the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the cessation of public Masses throughout England & Wales, we have put together a catalogue of online resources to assist with private or family devotions at home.

A number of priests are live streaming their Private Masses online. Details of these can he found HERE.
Although our Ordo 2020 is now out of print, information about the liturgical celebration for each day can be found in the online version.
Daily scripture readings for the Mass.
The complete Order of Mass, with Propers, for each day of the year.
For those not familiar with the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, we have produced a free Beginner's Guide.
A series of excellent article on the Sprituality of the Tridentine Mass.
Acts of Spiritual Communion.
Una Voce Scotland has produced PDFs of the formula for administering Holy Communion outside of Mass in the Traditional Rite.
The Rite including the rubrics for priests
The Rite for servers or communicants
The Rite for servers or communicants (A5 format)
How to Attend the Extraordinary Form This booklet answers questions Catholics may have about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in order to help them better understand it and engage with it.

Now might be a good time for priests who are interested to start learning how to say the Traditional Latin Mass. To this end, we list a series of recordings which might be useful. You would benefit from having sight of an Altar Missal whilst you follow these videos, so that you can learn your way around the missal (which can be confusing).  You should pay particular attention to to the gestures (bows, hand movements etc.).
FSSP YouTube Part 1: Preparation to the Creed
FSSP YouTube Part 2: Offertory to Consecration
FSSP YouTube Part 3: Pater Noster to Divesting
FSSP YouTube Principles of Movement and Gesture in the Liturgy
FSSP Video: Variations when celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass
FSSP Video on the Traditional Latin Mass - Introduction with Fr Goodwin
Fr Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, offers his advice to priests who wish to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and some of the basic liturgical principles which govern the celebration of Mass.
FSSP Video Fr Goodwin's Spiritual Commentary on the Mass
Fr Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, offers a spiritual commentary on the Mass given in real time as a priest celebrates the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The LMS has produced notes in light of the Extraordinary Form and the Traditional Practice and Discipline of the Church.
Holy Communion

The Divine Office, or Liturgy of the Hours, for each day of the year.

Angelus and Regina caeli
The Seven Penitential Psalms
The Rosary in Latin and English
Stations of the Cross. As we shall not be able to gather to celebrate the Good Friday Liturgy, this is an appropriate devotion to do at home on that day.
'Star of Heaven, please save us from the epidemic' prayer and icon
Prayer in Times of Epidemics
Examination of Conscience
A collection of prayers and devotions can also be found in  the Latin Mass Society’s Vademecum Peregrini: a Pilgrims’ Handbook.
Novena for the Safe Re-opening of the Churches and the Restoration of Public Mass as soon as possible.

Father Anselm Gribbin discusses the Alleluia in the liturgy of the Church, it's history and development.
Father Anselm Gribbin on Art and Faith in the Middle Ages
Father Anselm Gribbin on The Laity at Mass in the Middle Ages


iMass - Live Mass from FSSP includes a complete missal   - £1.99 - Available iphone and Android
Breviarium Meum - The Full Office in the Traditional Rite - Only available on iphone
LIber Pro - £14.99 - Entire 1961 Liber Usualis with searchable features - iphone
Please note, the LMS has no financial interest in any of the above Apps

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