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The role of Local Representative for the Latin Mass Society

The Latin Mass Society exists to promote the Church's traditional liturgy: the Extraordinary Form (EF) of Mass or Vetus Ordo. Our network of Reps are the backbone of our organisation, doing our work on the ground all over England and Wales.

The Rep's task can take a range of forms according to local circumstances. At a minimum he or she keeps in touch with priests in the area who are saying the EF, keeps the Office informed each quarter of forthcoming Masses, writes a short report for our magazine Mass of Ages, and keeps local members informed of what is happening.

The Rep should also be as available as possible to offer practical assistance to priests who want to start saying the EF, or to expand what they are doing in this respect. This may simply be a matter of putting the priest in touch with priests who can offer training or advice, or local servers and singers, referring him to the Office for more specialised advice, and making available vestments and other items belonging to the LMS which are needed and are available.

Where appropriate, many Reps organise regular or occasional EF Masses, particularly for pilgrimages to local shrines, occasional Masses in the Cathedral, and the like.

If demands on a Rep increase it is possible to appoint an Assistant Rep and/or divide the area covered with another Rep.

In all the Rep's work, he or she will have the practical, financial, and moral support of the Office, the Committee and Officers, other Reps, and the local members.

Becoming a Local Representative

If you are saddened by the state of the Church and want to do something practical to help rebuild the orthodox Faith, then becoming a Local Representative of the LMS is a very positive and active way in which you can make a difference as a layman. You may never have done this kind of work before. What we are looking for are men and women who are committed to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, who are comfortable talking to others who may not always share our enthusiasm for the Traditional Mass, who are determined and who have a sense of humour.

We are currently looking for a number of people to act as either full Local Representatives or as Assistant Local Representatives in different parts of England and Wales (see below). If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, or if you would like more information, phone the LMS Office (020 7404 7284) and ask to speak to Stephen Moseling for an informal chat. You can email if you prefer on

Vacancies for Local Representatives (as of December 2019)

1. Hexham & Newcastle

2. Plymouth (Dorset)

3. Middlesbrough (North)

4. Westminster (Hertfordshire)

Volunteers to Help in the LMS Office

From time to time we need help in our central London office from volunteers with routine administrative duties, such as stuffing envelopes for mailings and so on. We are happy to reimburse expenses for travel and lunch. The work is straightforward and our volunteers can enjoy a chat and a cup of tea as they work. The work is occasional and there is no long-term commitment required. If you live in London and would like to help us from time to time, please contact Stephen Moseling on 020 7404 7284 or email

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