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Our provision of music in London has developed, since the 2015 appointment of our Musical Director, Matthew Schellhorn, from being a matter of hiring in professional choirs as needed, to the development of an ‘in house’ professional option, Cantus Magnus. 

In January 2019 we established a new amateur chant schola, the Schola Cantorum Santi Ioanni Houghton, trained and led by Matthew.

Increasingly, therefore, music at our events is provided by those who understand and appreciate the Traditional Mass, and sing at our events regularly. Essential to consistently good music (and at a reasonable cost) are the relationships and skills which are built up by repeated performances, together, under the same director, and singing a distinctive, Traditional Catholic repertoire. 

These threads come together with the Holy Week services, where polyphony and chant are both required, for the main services and for Tenebrae, which we now sing in full. The Latin Mass Society is today able to call upon singers for these demanding services who are well-used to the ancient liturgy and its requirements, both professionals and appropriately prepared amateurs.

Our Sung liturgies in London now also include:

St George’s Cathedral, Southwark: quarterly polyphonic Mass sung by Cantus Magnus.
Westminster Cathedral: our annual AGM Mass and annual Requiem.
St Mary Moorfields: monthly Masses for the Juventutem London group; polyphony quarterly from Cantus Magnus.
Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane: once a month the weekly Sung Monday evening Mass is accompanied with polyphony from Cantus Magnus; another week a month is accompanied by the new Schola Houghton.

In addition, we have one-off Masses. Last year we had a Mass celebrated by Bishop Athanasius Schneider in St Mary Moorfields. This year, there will be a special High Mass of Requiem for the Latin Mass Society’s late Patron and benefactor, Prince Rupert Loewenstein, on 25th May in St Mary Moorfields, and Pontifical Low Mass will be celebrated on 16th September by Cardinal Burke, at Maiden Lane.


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