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Feasts of Our Lady CD


Gregorian Chant Masses and Antiphons for Our Lady.

Two Masses of Our Lady plus the four Antiphons to the Holy Virgin in both Solemn and Simple tones celebrate the humble maiden whom all generations call Blessed.

This recording reflects the unmatched authenticity which characterizes the exquisitely gracious and moving performances of Gregorian chant by the Monks of Solesmes.

Track listing

 1 Introit Salve II
 2 Gradual Benedicta IV
 3 Alleluia Virga lesse VIII
 4 Sequence Ave Maria VI
 5 Offertory Beata Es VIII
 6 Communion Beata Viscera I
   The four antiphons to the Blessed Virgin   
   Solemn tone   
 7 Alma V
 8 Regina Caeli VI
 9 Ave Regina Caelorum VI
10 Salve Regina I
11 Introit Vultum Tuum II
12 Kyrie IX I
13 Gloria IX VII
14 Gradual Concupivit I
15 Alleluia Ave Maria II
16 Offertory Recordare I
17 Communion Diffusa Est VI
     The four antiphons to the Blessed Virgin   
     Simple tone   
18 Salve Regina V
19 Ave Regina Caelorum VI
20 Alma V
21 Regina Caeli VI

Product Dimensions: 
14 × 12 × 1 cm
Running Time: 
Audio CD

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