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I Am With You CD


Christ's Passion, the ultimate sacrifice, is the subject of I Am With You, the third disc in the Gregorian chant series "A Celebration of Faith in His Name." This release includes one of two recordings of the chanted passion narrative according to the Gospel of John, featuring three cantors who assume the characters in the story of the passion. This stirring Gregorian chant evokes the passion, mystery, and beauty of the life of Christ.

Track listing

 1 The Passion according to St John I
 2 Responsory Plange V
 3 Responsory Sepulto II
 4 Antiphon Alleluia VIII
 5 Introit Resurrexi IV
 6 Gradual Haec dies II
 7 Antiphon Angelus autem Domini VIII
 8 Antiphon Et ecce terraemotus VII
 9 Antiphon Erat autem VIII
10 Antiphon Primore autem VII
11 Antiphon Respondens autem Angelus VIII
12 Invitatory Surrexit Dominus VI*
13 Antiphon Maria stabat VII
14 Antiphon Ardens est VIII
15 Responsory Christus resurgens II
16 Offertory Angelus Domini VIII
17 Communion Mitte manum tuam VI
18 Alleluia Pascha nostrum VII
19 Antiphon Ascendo ad Patrem VII
20 Communion Data est mihi I
21 Offertory Viri Galil I
22 Communion Non vos relinquam orphanos V
23 Communion Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos VIII
24 Communion Factus est repente VII
25 Trois Paraphrases Gregoriennes: Hymne d'actions de grace

Product Dimensions: 
14 × 12 × 1 cm
Running Time: 
Audio CD

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