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John Ogilvie: A Jesuit in Disguise, 1579-1615

Eleanor McDowell

Born of noble parentage, Saint John Ogilvie was raised in the Calvinist tradition and sent abroad to be educated. During a period of spiritual contemplation he converted to Catholicism and was ordained a Jesuit priest. Despite the risk of preaching in a reformed Protestant Scotland, he returned, disguised as horse trader. Within a year he was imprisoned, and later hanged for refusing to recognise the spiritual jurisdiction of the King. The 10th March 2015 marked the 400th anniversary of the death of Scotland's only Catholic reformation martyr.

Dr Eleanor McDowell has an academic background in Environmental Justice and an interest in theology.  A more detailed study 'A Rosary from the Gallows: Saint John Ogilvie (1579-1615) is forthcoming.

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