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Mass of Ages Print Edition - Winter 2020

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Mass of Ages is the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. It contains reports on our many activities across the country, national and international news of Traditional Catholic events, feature articles on different aspects of traditional Faith and culture, and opinions and views on developments in the Catholic Church.

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In this issue: • Joseph Shaw discusses the FIUV World-Wide Report on the Traditional Mass • Philip Marshall celebrates England’s last Catholic senior boarding school for boys and its embrace of the Mass of Ages • Maurice Quinn with a tale of two young men: The blood of the martyrs – seeds of today’s vocations • For centuries there was a close and obvious connection of the Papacy with Monarchy, Charles A. Coulombe explains

Also in this edition:

The Chairman Message: On preventing chaos
Alan Frost introduces us to the Mater Dolorosa Blog
Monsignor Frederick Anthony Miles, Prot. Ap. An obituary by Mgr Martin Hayes and personal memories from Gordon Dimon
Fr Henry Whisenant on the start of a regular Old Rite community at Withermarsh Green on the southern edge of Suffolk
Paul Beardsmore looks at a newly translated book by the late Fr Raymond DulacMacklin Street reports on the LMS’s recent online Conference
Macklin Street reports on how back issues of Mass of Ages are being digitised

Our regular columnists:
• Architecture: Paul Waddington follows up Fr Whisenant’s article with a special feature on the architecture and history of the church of St Edmund at Withermarsh Green
• A sequel to Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ, is planned, but the success of the original film should be seen in light of the grace granted by the Traditional Latin Mass, writes Alberto Carosa
• Lone Veiler on the irritations of COVID and the happiness of autumn logs and blackberrying
• Art and Devotion, Caroline Farey discusses a magnificent painting of the Blessed Virgin by Hans Memling
• Mary O’Regan explains why she only wears skirts and dresses
• Wine: Sebastian Morello sings the praises of the eccentrically named, Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone DOC, Trappolini
• Music: Matthew Shellhorn on ‘To write music is an exercise in humility’

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