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O Cross of Christ

Pope Francis

O Cross of Christ is an original, new prayer composed by Pope Francis himself and recited by him on the occasion of Good Friday 2016.

It guides all who pray it to recognise Jesus' cross in some of the most distressing circumstances of today's world - modern-day martyrs, victims of war, unfaithful ministers, and more-as well as in the lives of people who do great good-consecrated men and women, families, volunteers, and others.

Presented as a litany, with responses that make it ideal for group use, this little booklet is beautifully illustrated with original art by the American artist Deborah Luke.

The result is a prayer resource that promises to serve as a profound source of spiritual nourishment for Christians for years to come. Recommended for personal, family, group, or parish-wide prayer.

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17.8 × 12.7 × 0.2 cm
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