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Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis

Nick Donnelly

Amid all the sound-bites and comment on the words and actions of Pope Francis, this booklet invites you to stop and pray with the Pope and truly understand his message of love and mercy. These meditations on the Passion of Christ offer, in the words of Pope Francis, not only a deeply prayerful journey along the Via Dolorosa, but valuable insight into the mind and heart of the recently elected Holy Father.

Rev Nick Donnelly is a Deacon of Lancaster diocese. He is a well-known blogger and CTS author.

A version of The Stations of the Cross which isn't too long - each station has a scripture reading, a meditation, and a prayer followed by The Lords Prayer and a verse of the Stabat Mater. There is a lot of repetition on the significance of the cross. It is very thought provoking. In church it takes about 45 minutes.

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14.8 × 10.5 × 1 cm
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