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Mass of Ages - Summer 2018 Edition

Mass of Ages is the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society. It contains reports on our many activities across the country, national and international news of Traditional Catholic events, feature articles on different aspects of traditional Faith and culture, and opinions and views on developments in the Catholic Church.

The autumn 2018 edition is now available. In this issue: • We publish the text of Bishop Schneider’s sermon in St Mary Moorfields, where he celebrated Pontifical High Mass in May • Dr Mary Coghill remembers the painter, poet and World War I veteran David Jones (1895-1974) • Claire Fitzgerald looks at prison through the eyes of a Chaplaincy Volunteer • Lawrence England writes about Eucharistic indifference • Alberto Carosa, our Roman Reporter, provides an obituary of His Eminence Cardinal Dario Castrillion Hoyos

“In each Holy Mass the heaven is being opened and with our spiritual eyes we see the immense glory of God, we see with the eyes of our soul the immolated and living Lamb, before Whom prostrate all the Angels and Saints in heaven, falling down on their face, adoring and glorifying Christ the Lamb with joyful and awed love. When the priest offers the sacrifice of Mass in the moment of the consecration and elevation of the living and immolated body of Christ, the heavens are being truly opened. What should we do in these sublime moments? We also should fall down on our knees, offering to our Saviour the affects of our love, of our contrition and of our gratitude, pronouncing in the depth of our heart may be such words as: “Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me poor sinner”, “My  Lord and my God, I believe”, “My God and my all”. Writes Bishop Schneider.

“David Jones was always interested in the pictorial arts and he became a prolific and well known artist” writes Dr Mary Coghill. “It was while he was in the trenches that he witnessed a Catholic Mass being said in a barn, with bales of straw as the altar, and this began his eventual conversion to Catholicism. His faith was interpreted through profound reading and lengthy discussions concerning his faith and art.” Our regular second Saturday Mass in Westminster Cathedral in October (13th at 4pm) will be offered for the repose of the soul of David.

“Many men in prison have had encounters with demonic activity and their realisation of this has led them to become aware of the fact that God must also exist and that He is active in this world.” Writes Claire Fitzgerald, who is a Chaplaincy volunteer in a London prison. “…in prison there is opportunity to reflect on where one has gone wrong with many recognising their need for redemption. Traditional Catholic doctrine is much needed as it avoids the often ambiguous nature of the post-councillor documents and proclaims Catholic truth with simplicity at a level that men and women, especially those with learning difficulties, can grasp.”

“As a convert, while eager to read and learn much about the Faith, I had very little, though perhaps a fragment of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.”  Writes Lawrence England in his article which points out that a complete restoration of Eucharistic reverence is essential to the integrity of the Church. “A widespread culture of Eucharistic indifference exists in the Church today. Many, if not all readers of Mass of Ages are all too familiar with it. This culture strikes at the heart of the sensus fidei, the proclamation of our Faith, at the heart of Catholic worship, to our sense of the One to Whom adoration and worship is meant to be directed.  The complete restoration of Eucharistic reverence is essential to the integrity of the Church, to foster holiness in the lives of Her children and the sanctification of the clergy.”

Alberto Carusa, our Roman Reporter, uses his column this month to remember the life and work of His Eminence Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, who died in May. “As far as is known, the Cardinal did not stand out as a particular upholder of the pre-Vatican II liturgy prior to his appointment as President of Ecclesia Dei, but when Benedict XVI tasked him with this office, his pastoral activity took a completely new turn, which catapulted him on to the front line of the defence and promotion of the traditional liturgy. In other words, he did not limit himself to only preach, but also practised what he was mandated to preach, as evidently shown by a watershed event that took place on May 24, 2003, in the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome, and that sent shock waves throughout the Catholic world and beyond: a Solemn Pontifical in the Gregorian Rite celebrated by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos upon request of a group of traditional-minded faithful.”

Also in this edition:
LMS Chairman, Joseph Shaw, on how the Church continues to bury her undertakers.
Jonathan Luxmoore, a writer on Church news from Oxford and Warsaw, revelas how Poland’s Catholic Church takes on its critics.
Joseph Shaw introduces a new edition of the Latin Mass Society’s Latin course book Simplicissimus.
Alan Frost reports on an historic first in Birmingham Oratory – an Oratorian Father celebrates High Mass in the Extraordinary Form as his First Mass.
LMS Secretary, Kevin Jones, provides an update of the Society’s work to be GDPR compliant.

Our regular columnists:
• In her Art and Devotion series, Caroline Shaw looks at The Madonna of the Basket by Antonio da Correggio
• Mary O’Regan laments the recent abortion referendum result in Ireland
• Paul Waddington visits the church of Our Lady of the Snows in Prior Park, Bath
• Fr Bede Row asks, “Do we still believe in the Hierarchy?”
• The Lone Veiler on fighting for the family

Accompanying copies of Mass of Ages sent to members, is a revised edition of the LMS’s booklet A Guide to ensuring you have the Traditional Mass at your Funeral and we make an appeal to all readers to remember the Latin Mass Society in their Will by leaving us a bequest.

A digital copy of the magazine may be read HERE.

Thanks to the cooperation of priests in whose parishes the Traditional Mass is celebrated, Mass of Ages is available from more than 115 cathedrals and churches around the country. We now have a map showing the location of these please. See here for details. If you do not live near one of these but would like a copy of the magazine, we would be very happy to send one from the LMS Office. However, due to the high cost of postage, we do ask that you cover the cost of postage. See here for details.

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