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Mass of Ages - Winter 2018 Edition

Mass of Ages is the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society. It contains reports on our many activities across the country, national and international news of Traditional Catholic events, feature articles on different aspects of traditional Faith and culture, and opinions and views on developments in the Catholic Church.

To commemorate the centenary of the ending of the First World War, the cover picture of our winter 2018 edition is of the Blessed Emperor Charles and the Empress Zita, King and Queen of Hungary, at an impromptu field Mass. In this issue: • Fr David Smith RAChD remembers Fr Francis Gleeson, a ‘dearest and most powerful role-model’ • Alan Frost writes about Blessed James Bell, a priest martyr from Warrington • We publish a report by a young medical student who attended the ‘Catholics in Healthcare’ conference held in September • Dr Stuart Blackie KCHS writes about ‘The Greatest Love Story Ever Told’ – the love between God the Father and Christ, His son

“When I joined the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department in 2002, just before the Second Iraq War (2001-11), writes Fr Smith, I was given a framed picture of one of our heroes in the faith - one Fr Francis Gleeson (1884-1959) - astride his horse with his hand raised in General Absolution over the Officers and Men of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Munster Fusiliers … To those Catholic Priests who have served in the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department since, Fr Gleeson remains one of our dearest and most powerful role-models of what it means to serve the People of God in HM Forces."

As well as a now established shrine at St Mary’s Church, run by the FSSP, Warrington is also is distinguished by having its own priest martyr, with descendants here and in the USA, as Alan Frost explains. “James Bell was born in 1524 in Warrington.  He would eventually become a man of great importance to Warrington, both spiritually and historically, for he would become a martyr of the Catholic faith.  We do not, it would seem, have an actual day for his birth, but records in numerous sources tell us of the day of his death, a day he was martyred along with another devout, though lay, Catholic, John Finch from Eccleston: two martyrs from the county of Lancashire (Warrington having been a Lancashire town from its earliest days until 1974 boundary changes), a county which figured greatly in the 16th Century for its commitment to the true Faith in a time of cruel persecution.”

“This was the Third Annual Catholic Medical Association Youth Conference and was entitled, ‘Catholics in Healthcare: Building a Culture of Life’.  Once again, we were very grateful to be hosted by the parish of St Aloysius in Euston, London, and for the use of their excellent hall and facilities … Fr Stephen Boyle, parish priest of St Anselm’s in Dartford, Kent, opened the conference with a very insightful overview of Humanae Vitae … other speakers were Dr Adrian Treloar and Friar Gerard Mary OFM Conv.”

“Love does not exist in isolation” writes Dr Stuart Blackie, “God is not alone in His heaven. Surely the greatest love story that can exist is that between God the Father and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Though a full explanation of the concept of the Trinity is beyond human comprehension, one theory maintains that their bond of mutual love is so strong, that the magnitude of its intensity so great, that it begets the Holy Spirit.

The second most important love story is that between Our Lord and His mother.  She is the only person in history to have perfectly fulfilled the will of God in her life and served only to magnify the Infinite.  She personally exemplified the dignity of humankind and demonstrated the pattern of life for which we were designed and created.”

Also in this edition:
The Chairman explains how you can help the LMS by becoming a member or supporter.
We publish a selection of photographs of two pilgrimages in the north west of England – Holywell and Wrexham Cathedral.
Joseph Shaw reviews the recently published book by William Whyte Unlocking the Church: The Lost Secrets of Victorian Sacred Space.
Alastair Tocher (a Trustee of the LMS) explains a great way to raise money for charity.
We publish obituaries on Fr Peter Lessiter and Peter Kiely.
Barbara Kay (LMS Local Representative for Northampton south) celebrates the FSSP’s thirty years of existence and their one year in Bedford.
James Preece bids “we all have to stop accepting abusive behaviour…”
An appeal for the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Our regular columnists:
• In her Art and Devotion series, Caroline Shaw looks at The Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca
• Mary O’Regan finds solace in Solanus
• Paul Waddington visits the church of Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane
• Fr Bede Rowe, in what is his last column, asks ‘Do we still believe in the Latin Mass Society?’
• The Lone Veiler on the interesting times in which we are living
• Alberto Carosa on the Traditional Mass in Sardinia

Finally, and not least, we highlight our annual publications: The Traditional Catholic Calendar for 2019, our Ordo for 2019 and our selection of Christmas cards for this year. Buy your copies now!

Thanks to the cooperation of priests in whose parishes the Traditional Mass is celebrated, Mass of Ages is available from more than 120 cathedrals and churches around the country. See HERE for stockists. If you do not live near one of these but would like a copy of the magazine, we would be very happy to send one from the LMS Office. However, due to the high cost of postage, we do ask that you cover the cost of postage.

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