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Guild of St Clare: London Vestment Mending Days

Faciesque vestem sanctam fratri tuo in gloriam et decorum. (Exodus 28:2)

And thou shalt make a holy vesture for Aaron, thy brother, for glory and for beauty.

What is it all about?
The Guild is the Latin Mass Society’s group for needlework, for the repair and construction of liturgical vestments and the promotion of domestic sewing. Its events are led by members with great experience and formal qualifications in embroidery, goldwork, dressmaking and other relevant skills.

LMS Chant Schola

These qualities [sc. holiness, artistic beauty, and universality] are to be found, in the highest degree, in Gregorian Chant, which is, consequently the Chant proper to the Roman Church, the only chant she has inherited from the ancient fathers, which she has jealously guarded for centuries in her liturgical codices, which she directly proposes to the faithful as her own, which she prescribes exclusively for some parts of the liturgy, and which the most recent studies have so happily restored to their integrity and purity.

Iota Unum - A new series of talks in London for Traditional Catholics

Amen quippe dico vobis: donec transeat caelum et terra, iota unum aut unus apex non praeteribit a lege donec omnia fiant.

For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.
(Mat 5:18)

Organiser: Sebastian Morello (contact via the LMS Office:

Extraordinary Form Masses at Holy Trinity Hethe in 2019

The next Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Holy Trinity will be on Sunday 30th December 2018.

After this, the pattern of celebrations of the Extraordinary Form will change. With the continuing hospitality of the Parish Priest, Canon John Batthula, in the course of the year there will be four such Masses on Sundays:

Laetare Sunday, 31st March
Whitsun (Pentecost), 9th June
1st Sunday of October - (Our Lady of the Rosary), 6th October
Gaudete Sunday, 15th December

LMS Annual Requiem 2018

Bishop Michael Campbell OSA, Bishop Emeritus of Lancaster, celebrated our Annual Requiem in Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, 3rd November. He was assisted by Fr Rupert McHardy Cong. Orat., Fr Mark Higgins, a seminarian of ICKSP and Canon Vianney Poucin de Wouilt ICKSP. The vestments worn at Mass were those purchased in memory of John Arnell, a benefactor. A selection of photographs, taken by John Aron, can be seen here.

LMS Christmas Cards

The LMS has produced a selection of Christmas cards. Featuring a series of designs from Classical artists, each card contains a Scripture text (in Latin) and greeting. The cards are available in packs of 10 of the same design and are supplied with envelopes.

By sending LMS Christmas cards to your family and friends, you are not only conveying the true meaning of Christmas but are also supporting the work of the LMS.

New Masses

September is traditonally the month when clergy are moved from one parish to another. As a result of some of the recent moves, we are delighted to announce two new regular Traditional Latin Masses in different parts of the country, united under the patronage of St Hugh of Lincoln.

In the Diocese of Arudel and Brighton, Fr Hatton will offer a Low Mass each Thursday at 7pm in his church of St Hugh of Lincoln in Knaphill, Woking and, in the Diocese of Nottingham, Fr Dominic will offer Mass in the church of St Hugh of Lincoln in Lincoln on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm.

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