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Iota Unum - A new series of talks in London for Traditional Catholics

Iota Unum - A new series of talks in London for Traditional Catholics

Amen quippe dico vobis: donec transeat caelum et terra, iota unum aut unus apex non praeteribit a lege donec omnia fiant.

For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.
(Mat 5:18)

Organiser: Sebastian Morello (contact via the LMS Office:

What’s it about?
The series will focus on topics which are connected with the everyday life of traditionally-minded Catholics: the domestic church, homeschooling, traditional catechesis, moral instruction, culture (high, common, and religious), religious history etc..

The purpose of the talks is not only to inform but to help traditionally-minded Catholics from across London and beyond to meet, discuss matters of mutual concern, and form a greater sense of community.

The basement of Our Lady of the Assumption, 10 Warwick St, Soho, London W1B 5LZ, near Piccadilly Tube Station (click for a map)

There will be a charge of £5 on the door to cover refreshments and other expenses.

Dates, speakers, and talks for 2020: doors open at 6:30pm for the talks at 7:00pm

January: Fri 31 Dominic Jones: ‘Holiness and Chastity’

February: Fri 14 Charles Coulombe: 'Personal Liturgical Survival'

March: Fri 27 Maria Madise: ‘Attacks on the Family from Within the Church’

April: Fri 24 Joseph Shaw: ‘Headship and Hierarchy in the Household’

May: Fri 29 Matthew Ward: ‘Latin Chant as Prayer’

June: Fri 19  Mgr Keith Newton: ‘The Ordinariate and the Traditional Movement: A Truly Catholic Alliance.’

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