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LMS 2019 Wall Calendar and Ordo

LMS 2019 Wall Calendar and Ordo

The 2019 edition of the Traditional Catholic Calendar and Ordo have been published and are available to purchase from our website or by telephoning the LMS Office on 020 7404 7284.

Each month of the Wall Calendar displays a selection of colour pictures of Traditional Catholic events. Most of these are events organised by the LMS, but some of the pictures support the life and work of the Traditional Orders, such as the FSSP and ICKSP. The right-hand side of the page displays a calendar containing feast days according to the 1962 Missal. A selection of pictures in the Calendar can be seen HERE.

The Ordo is a day-to-day liturgical calendar for the Missal of 1962 for England and Wales. It gives liturgical details of every Mass for every day of the year and is the indispensable guide for priests, servers and laity.

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