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The LMS goes green

The LMS goes green

Did you notice the wrapper your latest edition of Mass of Ages arrived in? Until now, copies of the magazine have been delivered to members in clear plastic bags. The latest issue was sent in a new, environmentally friendly wrapper called ‘Polycomp’.

Polycomp is made from materials that will break down naturally and will fully biodegrade in compost, soil, fresh or salt water. This practical, starch-based material is strong yet effective during use, and in the right environment is gone in just 10 days. It uses biopolymers, consisting mainly of potato or corn starch, both of which are fully sustainable materials, and has been certified as being fully biodegradable and compostable.

Standard clear plastic polywrap (such as we have been using) has become extremely unpopular due to its impact on the environment; we feel swapping to polycomp is a very constructive way to help redress the balance, if only in a very small way.

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