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Summer 2019 edition of Dowry

Summer 2019 edition of Dowry

The summer 2019 edition of Dowry, the quarterly magazine of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter in the UK, has been published.

In this edition:
Editorial: Blasé, Blazing, Blessed
Fr de Malleray discusses the supernatural meaning of the fire at Notre-Dame for Europe and Christianity
Interview with an Ex-Mason
A courageous man shares his past experience as a freemason and why he left.
Forthcoming Events
Our summer camps and youth apostolates, for your diaries.
Fr John Gerard: The Jesuit Pimpernel
Fr Loewenstein reviews the autobiography of a humorous and inventive English missionary under Penal Times.
Death Penalty and Church Teaching
Dr Cyrille Dounot explains the teaching of the Church and Fathers on this delicate question.
Young Men Travel To Amsterdam And Beyond
Fr Armand de Malleray reviews The Spirit and the Flesh, a recently published conversion narrative by T. J. Dias.
The Case of Pope Liberius and St Athanasius
Fr Seth Phipps examines the evidence regarding the good standing of the heroic Patriarch of Alexandria.
Support Our Apostolate
The FSSP rely on your generosity to help them continue their service to souls in the British Isles, and even extend it.

Read it HERE.

Picture: Solemn High Mass in the Traditional Form at the high altar of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, on 29th May 2013 - © Gonzague Bridault.

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