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Online Latin Mass course for Priests and Religious this Advent

These are a series of online courses using Christian Latin run by the experienced teacher of ancient languages, Matthew Spencer.

The LMS is very happy to support this initiative and will be subsiding some othe costs for the course aimed specifically at Priests, Seminarians and Religious:


This course will run for 8 weeks from the 16th November - 12 December 2020 and 22nd February - 20th March 2021.  It consists of two one-hour sessions (on separate occassions) per week.


Other Latin courses run by Matthew include:

  • Boethius and Augustine
  • The Psalms
  • The Classical Latin of Cicero, Seneca and Vergil
  • Roman Poetry - the Late Ancient World: Asceticism, Philosophy and Monasticism.

    Matthew is an excellent teacher, gently inspiring, patient, and helpful. His online Latin Courses are ideally suited to make the most of these difficult times of Covid restrictions.
    Dr Joseph Shaw - LMS Chairman and course alumnus 

    For full details , please see the information leaflet here

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