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Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

If the Invisible made Visible is a way of describing an artist’s conception of an Angel, then for those other masterpieces, the works of a musician’s craft, one might say that the Inaudible becomes Audible. Out of silence the composer creates something that enables us to recapture an echo of Gabriel’s resounding AVE at the Annunciation. We hear the song of the Angels at the Birth of Christ and we catch a phrase or two of the unending worship of the heavenly Seraphim.

These angelic utterances are recorded here, together with many chants describing the activities of the holy Angels. The music is grouped into eight sections: What is an Angel?, Angels in the Life of Christ, Angels in the Life of the Virgin, Angels in the Life of the Community, Angels and the Liturgy, Christ the Judge, The Holy Trinity, and Madonna in Glory.

Track listing
1 Angeli, Archangeli
2 Dixit Angelus ad Iacob
3 Stetit Angelus
4 Missa de Angelis: Kyrie
5 Missa de Angelis: Gloria
6 Duo Seraphim
7 Christe, sanctorum decus Angelorum
8 Te laudamus
9 Hodie nobis c?lorum Rex
10 Angelus ad pastores ait
11 Facta est cum Angelo
12 Angelus Domini descendit
13 Ave Maria
14 Qual mormorio soave
15 Alleluia, assumpta est Maria
16 Angelis suis mandavit de te
17 Benedicite Dominum
18 In Paradisum
19 Venit Michaël Archangelus
20 Missa de Angelis: Sanctus
21 Exsultet iam Angelica turba cælorum
22 Domine Jesu Christe
23 Missa de Angelis: Agnus Dei
24 Te Deum laudamus
25 Ave Regina cælorum

Product Dimensions: 
12.5 × 14 × 1 cm
Running Time: 
72 minutes
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