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From Atheism to Catholicism

Marcus Grodi, Brandon McGinley

This collection of testimonies by nine former atheists who found new life in the Catholic Church is one of the most helpful tools for cultivating the faith ever crafted! Here you’ll meet:

. The atheistic Jew who sparked the conversion of a fellow atheist, and led him into the priesthood.
. The Nietzsche-loving bodybuilder whose atheism was upended by St. Thomas Aquinas.
. The hardened, anti-Catholic, neo-Nazi convict who shed his vices and became a celebrated Catholic author.
. The commune-dwelling hippie socialist who is now a happy Catholic husband and father.
. The once militant, gay atheist who is now “Christ’s willing captive.”
. And other prominent members of our Church who, in our generation, have escaped the swamp of atheistic relativism and embraced Holy Mother Church!

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