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Egyptian Guide: From Jihad to Joy

Evelyn Oliver

He could kill for Allah. Would he die for Clara? Back home from a business trip in Egypt, beautiful young Canadian travel executive Clara Cumberhart muses over her unexpected love affair with a mysterious tourist guide there. Azim is handsome, passionate and altruistic, but something about him is hidden, beyond her grasp. What is his secret? Before too long, Clara's world suddenly upends, and she finds herself once again walking the streets of Cairo. This time, however, her fairy tale romance by the Pyramids explodes into a tale of violence and fear. Clara is caught in the centre of an international conflagration touched off by an unfolding jihadist nightmare. As the violence spreads around her and the Nile turns blood red, Clara wishes fervently that she had never set foot on the hot Egyptian sand. Assassins and martyrs alike surround her; who can she trust? A crippled billionaire? A community of dedicated nuns? An attractive bodyguard? An exorcist priest? Clara, disbelieving and stunned, finds herself on a war footing, stretched to the limits of her wits and endurance. But as she travels from Cairo to Paris and London, and then finally back along the Nile, Clara's flight becomes a journey of self-discovery. Caught in the shifting winds of a new world war of unimaginable violence, this thoroughly modern young woman with no particular interest in religion finds that deep questions of morality and faith are brought into sharp focus in her new, unlooked-for life. And when she ultimately must confront evil, only true love can inspire her. “A compelling glimpse of things to come, a warning of the strife that could be approaching, but still it is a tale of hope, and glory.” – from the Preface by novelist Corinna Turner, author of the I Am Margaret series.

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