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General Principles of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite

Louis Tofari

This invaluable manual systematical outlines the general principles of the Roman Rite as they apply to the altar servers (inferior ministers). It is also a helpful guide for any Catholic who wishes to better understand the ceremonial actions.

These general principles are the foundation for all rubrics in the Roman Rite, and regulate the types of reverences and gestures, the reasons why they are made and how under certain conditions. Even more profoundly, it is through these principles that the unique characteristic of romanitas is impressed upon its namesake liturgical rite.

Upon systematically learning these principles, the reader will have the distinct advantage of never being at a loss during a ceremony (or practice in preparation) of when to bow or genuflect, what type or where. This is particularly valuable, as most rubrical manuals (such as Fortescue) presume the reader is already well-acquainted with these basic, but often subtle, rules.

Experience in teaching ceremonies has shown that the easiest approach to a new ceremony is through its principles. Mastering the principles of a ceremony is not only the easiest way to learn one ceremony, but it also makes the mastery of that ceremony the preparation for learning others. (quoted in General Principles from L. O'Connell's excellent manual, The Book of Ceremonies).

To ease the understanding of the general principles, 18 pictures, 2 expository tables and 11 diagrams have been included in the manual. It is also copiously footnoted with 186 valuable references, further explanations and tips. A table of contents and 2 glossaries (of sanctuary and rubrical terms) have also been added to help beginners in matters liturgical.

This abridged edition treats specifically of the principles affecting inferior ministers when fulfilled by laymen. Though serving by laymen is virtually the same as by clerics, there are some minor exceptions which were omitted from this edition (as noted in the book's preface).

Packed with essential knowledge for any Catholic interested in better understanding the ceremonial intricacies of the ancient Roman Rite, this 92-page booklet is especially geared for master of ceremonies, mature servers (ages 12 and up) and clerics (even priests).

Makes a great gift to any altar server, seminarian, or priest!

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