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Jesus Make Me Worthy - Black Cover

Robert Power

More than a missal, this is a prayer book designed for young Catholics with language suitable for their age. Not only does it contain instruction on the Mass, the Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, but a large selection of devotions and prayers which is perfect for their growth in the Catholic faith.

An ideal gift for First Holy Communion or Confirmation, or simply as their first daily prayer book, this beautiful volume contains everything young children need to know for their spiritual development and strengthening of their virtues. Gold-embossed lexotone cover,

Also includes:

Crucifixion end sheet with indulgenced prayer
First Holy Communion remembrance page
Table of movable feasts
Some things you must know about God
The meaning of life
"My Child, Give Me thy Heart"
Morning prayers
Evening prayers
The Holy Mass
Meaning of Mass
A method of following the Mass (profusely illustrated)
Prayers after Mass
Things every Mass server should know
Manner of Serving at Mass
The Seven Sacraments
On Sin
Examination of Conscience
After the Examination
Holy Communion
Prayers before Communion
Prayers after Communion
Preparation for First Communion
The Sacrament of Holy Confirmation
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
The Stations of the Cross (each Station illustrated in full color)
Litany of the Sacred Heart
Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus
Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Litany of St. Joseph
The Catholic Child and Parents
The Catholic Child and the Priest
The Catholic Child and the Religious Sister
The Catholic Child in Church
The Catholic Child and Confession
The Catholic Child and Holy Communion
The Catholic Child and the Rosary
The Catholic Child and Indulgences
The Catholic Child and the Sacred Heart
The Catholic Child and the Blessed Virgin
The Catholic Child and St. Joseph
The Catholic Child and the Saints
The Catholic Child and the Souls in Purgatory
The Catholic Child and Vocation
The Ten Commandments
The Six Precepts of the Church
The Beatitudes
A short and simple Way of Life for a Child

An interesting feature: The missal section has 12 illustrations to help the child follow the main parts of the Mass. The priest is shown in each, but the reredos behind the altar has a DIFFERENT image in each picture. The image on the reredos is from the life of Our Lord or the Apostles and reflects what the action of the priest represents. For example, at the Offertory, Our Lord is shown being scourged. At the Lavabo, Pilate is shown washing his hands. At the elevation, Our Lord is shown being lifted on the Cross. A thoughtful child, with a little instruction, could be lead to a profound understanding of the Mass from these details alone.

Product Dimensions: 
11 × 7.5 × 1.5 cm
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