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Laundering Liturgical Linen

SSPX Brother

Twelve-page pamphlet loaded with everything you need to know to care for liturgical linens. It contains forty step-by-step drawings illustrating how to identify the various linens by their folds and embroidered markings.

  • Detailed and definitive folding instructions (Yes, there is a right way to fold and several wrong ways to be avoided).
  • Glossary of altar linen terms.
  • Illustrated quick reference chart.
  • Guidelines and tips for laundering, ironing and mending. (Just when to use spray starch and how much).
  • Includes handy hints that even the "old-pros" will find useful.

This indispensable guide is recommended for everyone who launders or mends liturgical linens, or who wishes to volunteer to do so.

Product Dimensions: 
21.5 × 14 × 0.2 cm
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