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Mszal Rzymaki (Polish/Latin Missal)


Reprint of the Roman Missal (Daily Missal ) translated and edited by the Tyniec Benedictines, published in Poznań in 1963 with the imprimatur of Bishop Karol Wojtyła. Cover made of natural leather, cover stamping and gilding, gilding and rounding of the edges of the pages, 1520 pages, 6 tabs.

The missal contains: principles of Christian life (abbreviation of the catechism) • liturgical explanations • liturgical calendar according to the Missale Romanum 1962 • table of movable holidays until 2050 • fixed and variable parts of the Mass for the whole church year in Latin and Polish (except for the texts of lessons and gospels, which are only in Polish) • Common and own Masses for Saints, votive Masses • funeral liturgy • sacrament rites • services, prayers and songs • lists and indexes • beautiful illustrations from old missals.

Product Dimensions: 
18 × 11.5 × 3 cm
Number of Pages: 
Leather bound

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