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Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love

Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand

How to have a stronger, happier marriage. These pages will give you what you need to make your marriage a source of profound happiness and lasting peace.


Nuptial Latin-English Booklet Missal (White)


Contains the full text of the Marriage Service, the Nuptial Mass, the Nuptial Blessing, the Last Blessing, a Husband's Prayer and a Wife's Prayer.


Parish Ritual


A travel-size Ritual for the administration of the most important and most frequently used ceremonies, devotions and sacraments in the traditional rite, designed to aid Priests


Path to Marriage

Markus Graulich and Ralph Weimann

Daring to say ‘I Will’ through Faith


Splendor of Marriage

Richard Spinello

St John Paul II's Vision of Love, Marriage, Family, and the Culture of Life


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