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On That Christmas Night

Lois Rock

The humble town of Nazareth sets the stage for this beautifully illustrated book about the birth of Jesus. Mary is an ordinary girl awaiting marriage to her betrothed when an angel tells her she will be the mother of God's son. Soon Joseph receives divine word to take care of Mary as well as the child destined to show God's love to the world. After Jesus is born, the narrative focuses on the reaction from the shepherds, King Herod, and the wise men (called "the strangers") to the newborn king. Some political background is given, paving the way for parents to discuss Jesus's place in history with their children. The gravity of Jesus's arrival is never lost, and the book ends with the family's departure from their home for his safety. Jay's soft color palette and gentle, sloping figures with their simple expressions are perfect and match the poetic tone of the book. Suitable fpr ages 3+

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29.7 × 21 × 0.3 cm
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