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Coming of Augustine: Not Angles, but Angels CD

Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

The mission of Augustine from Rome to England: In the spring of A.D. 597 St Augustine of Canterbury first set foot in the south-east corner of England. There is an English Heritage cross in a field in Ebbsfleet, Kent, that marks the spot.

Augustine was commissioned by Pope Gregory I – Gregory the Great – to take the Good News of the Gospels to the pagan Anglo-Saxons, who had invaded and colonized much of Eastern Britain, and to bring a new ministry to the scattered Christian flock that survived across the country following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the west.

Apart from the Invitatory, which comes from the Common of a Confessor Bishop, most of this music, of considerable originality, is taken from two rhyming offices in honour of St Gregory the Great. One is by an 11th-century Alsation Pope, St Leo IX (1002-54), the other probably by an unknown monk of Canterbury, who re-composed the antiphons, making them more directly relevant to England and to the English.

Track listing
1 Gaudeamus
2 Adoremus
3 Anglorum iam apostolus
4 Erat ei pro omnibus
5 Exaudivit ergo Deus
6 Ecce gens
7 Fulgebat in venerando
8 Videns Rome vir beatus
9 Dum oraret in obscuro
10 Quomodo multiplicasti
11 Dominus de summo celo
12 Sex struxit in Sicilia
13 Propter intolerabiles
14 Orante beatissimo
15 Vere felicem presulem
16 Sanctus Papa Gregorius
17 Hodie preclarissimus
18 O Pastor apostolice
19 Deprecamur te
20 Vidi aquam
21 Christo regi laudes
22 Regnas Augustine
23 Hodie Anglorum apostolus
24 Aule rutile
25 Exultet in hac die

Product Dimensions: 
12.5 × 14 × 1 cm
Running Time: 
64 minutes
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