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The Latin Mass Explained

George J. Moorman

'To Catholics familiar with the Traditional Latin Mass, nothing is more sacred than the Mass. To a person not familiar with the Latin Mass, nothing is more mystifying. "What is going on at the altar?" he asks. It is something so different from everything we meet with in our daily life: the vestments, the altar, the burning candles, the tinkle of the bell, the singing, the language, the ceremonies, the whispered prayers, the awe and reverence of the congregation - what does it all mean?' - From the Author's Introduction

The Latin Mass Explained, by Monsignor Moorman sets about answering all those questions, and he does so in a remarkable fashion. The book is surely required reading for every discerning soul and would make an excellent Christmas present.

Monsignor George Moorman served 70 years in Sacred Orders, before being called to his eternal reward in 1979 at the age of 95. He wrote The Latin Mass Explained in 1920, which gained international fame almost immediately, along with the highest ecclesiastical approbation. It has been considered his masterpiece, and has led hundreds of thousands to a deeper appreciation of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Monsignor Moorman wrote the book in such a way that it appealed to Catholics of almost every background and education. He walks the reader through the entire Mass. Firstly he guides the reader through the Catholic teaching on the Mass, its sacrificial nature. Then, he covers different aspects of the Mass, including the liturgical language and the items necessary for the celebration of Mass. Finally, he takes the reader through all the prayers and actions of the Mass, explaining the "what" and the "why" of each.

From beginning to end, the book is engaging and appealing to all. Laity and priests, all will find something to learn from it. As Monsignor R. Michael Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, says about this book, "The lay people who read this book may wish to share it with their pastors and their friends among both the older and younger clergy. It should be in the hands of interested seminarians and of altar servers. It will be part of the liturgical revival which the Church so ardently hopes for through the voice of the Roman Pontiff ... The more this extraordinary source of liturgical awe [the Traditional Latin Mass] is set free for all, the more it will inspire the liturgical life of the Church. One step toward this freedom, springing from knowledge and love, will be this new edition of the notable work of Monsignor George J. Moorman".

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