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Roman Ritual Volume I: Sacraments

Philip T. Weller

This is the traditional (pre-Vatican II) Roman Ritual (Rituale Romanum). The great advantage is that this edition is printed in Latin and English, side-by-side. This volume (the first of three - vols II and III are also available) contains the complete rites for six of the seven sacraments, and the traditional prayers and rubrics for the various kinds of processions that fall under divine worship.

Though the rite for consecrating a bishop is absent (this is found only in the Pontificale Romanum), however, since in special cases a priest can administer Confirmation, the Ritual does include that rite as it is ordered to this extraordinary ministration. Reprinted from the original 1948 edition. Imprimatur 1948. One red marker ribbon.

Product Dimensions: 
22 × 14 × 3 cm
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