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Roman Ritual Volume II: Burial

Philip T. Weller

This is the traditional (pre-Vatican II) Roman Ritual (Rituale Romanum). The great advantage is that this edition is printed in Latin and English, side-by-side. Volume II (Christian Burial and Office for the Dead, Exorcism, Blessings Reserved to Religious or to Certain Places), provides the formulas and rubrics for rites of burial, exorcisms (NB: not to be performed except by those who have been delegated by a proper ecclesiastical authority), and official blessings, both ordinary and reserved.
Reprinted from the original 1952 edition. Imprimatur 1950. Hardcover, leatherette. One red marker ribbon. 480 pages. Dimensions: Length 8.5" 22cm; Width 5.5" 15cm; Depth 1.25" 3cm. Volumes I and III are also available.


Product Dimensions: 
22 × 14 × 3 cm
Number of Pages: 

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